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Changed the website's template a bit

Also, on another note, I changed many of the menus and links that were being displayed in Japanese. Most of the relevant things should now be displayed in English. And I figured out how to use the blog app:

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Back to business

So, after doing some sniffing around I ran into this old blog of mine. I really like the design so I am going to try to update this as much as I can with whatever random topics come across :)

I need to go to bed now though, it is 4AM

If anyone happens to read this by some miraculous forces of the universe, I'd appreciate some feedback on any topic ideas.
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Well, I watched the 25th episode of K-ON!! today, season 2 is almost over, but to be honest it felt to me like it ended a few episodes ago. I remember laughing every 5 seconds in the 1st season, and it was the same for half of the 2nd season, but it kinda went downhill after that. If there's going to be a 3rd season, I really hope they pick KyoAni steps their game up and not just throw some random stuff, as they did halfway through season 2.

Overall, my favorite character was Yui, she's just ridiculously dumb and funny in her own way. Also, she has the same electric guitar that I have. Yuh!

I am really looking forward to seeing the band members all grown up and in college :D
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Yasunari Kawabata

So today I finished reading the book "Beauty and Sadness" by Yasunari Kawabata, a Japanese author. I must say that I was quite surprised at the way the book ended, which was waaay different from Yasunari's "The Sound of the Mountain". I am currently reading "Snow Country" and "Thousand Cranes" by the same author.
I enjoy Yasunari's way of writing and style, his stories have a way to come to life that is very unique, and it leaves you thinking way after you've put the book down. Romance books have always been some of my favorites, and Yasunari definitely does a fantastic job at adding different elements to romance.

I certainly recommend Yasunari's books to anyone wanting to read books on Japanese topics. As soon as I finish reading Yasunari's books, I will get started on Yukio Mishima's books. Both fantastic authors, both lived interesting lives, and both died by their own hands.
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So it turns out I am back to blogging! I used to have a blog under the Japanese service, but I noticed that they released an English version, and I have always loved blogging service, so I will start all over. I have a blogger account, but I am having problems with the transfer tool, so I guess I will start from scratch. I still decided to transfer some of the really old posts I had in my Japanese fc2 account so my blog doesn't look empty.

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