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Well well. LINE エルガード micro first look.

Unfortunately, my time has been very very limited, and it appears it will continue to be this way for the rest of the year because of school/work. The reviews/first looks project has to be postponed.

But I will throw in a recommendation for a game I managed to play for about 30 minutes last night. The game is called ELGARD The Prophecy of Apocalypse and it is a role-playing game.

This game is ONLY available in the Japanese App Store, you will have to create a separate Japanese account for this, if you don't already have one. This can be done for free and I might talk about it on a later post, but for now you can find many guides on Google. So yeah.

jpmmo1 (3)

Now, this game is free and it links to your LINE account. This allows for you to easily invite and interact with your many other friends who are also interested in playing MMOs on the phone (yes, this was sarcasm, I need more geek friends). Also, it is free to download, but there is a Gacha shop in-game where you can go blow all your work lunch money. Gotta make money somehow, right?

jpmmo1 (2)

You get to chose from 5 different classes. Your usual RPG class roles are available, but they are gender-locked. The interface is easy to understand and the tutorial does a good job at explaining how everything can get done, even if you are not familiar with the Japanese language.

The controls feel very responsive, and the digital d-pad is nicely designed. Also, you get a cool Chocobo-rip-off mount as soon as your start. How awesome is that?!

jpmmo1 (1)


NOT. That's it. This was just a quickie IFYKWIM. I'll leave it in suspense.
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